Turtle Trap

Safeguard Turtle Trap

Model #53800

Dimensions: 30″L x 20″W x 18″H

For Use With: Land and Water Turtles

Turtle Trap 538000

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Turtle traps have become more common in the past few decades mainly due to the fact that millions of homeowners have installed decorative ponds in their backyards. Unfortunately, these ponds attract wild turtles that can decimate plants and any exotic fish populations that are part of the pond’s ecosystem. That can get expensive.

This turtle trap is designed to remove nuisance turtles from residential and commercial landscape features using humane “catch and release” methods. This Safeguard Turtle trap comes with 4 styrofoam floats and can be used as a floating trap to easily catch and retain turtles in the water. The flexible design allows the trap to be used on dry land as well.

For water captures, 4 “sunning’ ramps are all weather and collapse into trap when turtle climbs on.

For land applications, trap uses a guillotine style door and comes with a built in bait tray/trigger pan for quick, secure door activation.

Made in the USA. 1 yr. warranty against manufacturer’s defects.